Three Volume 1 LUST CINEMA Erika

 Watch Three Volume 1 LUST CINEMA Erika


 Watch Three Volume 1 LUST CINEMA Erika

 Watch Three Volume 1 LUST CINEMA Erika

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n need of a break from the rigors of her job and her crumbling love life, Ingrid (Gia Green) rents out her family’s cottage to a young couple for a few weeks. But when Andrea (Bunnie Bennett) and David (Sylvan Garcia) arrive, the young couple’s open relationship lifestyle, combined with the hedonistic backdrop of the Spanish countryside, causes Ingrid to rethink her self-imposed boundaries concerning sex and love.

This is a five-part series directed by Barcelona native Erika Lust. It’s a passionate, poignant look at love, with a beautiful setting and diverse cast of characters to enhance the narrative. First, Lust deserves credit for placing her story in such a gorgeous location. Second, she and screenwriter M. Mercedes deserve credit for creating a story that feels relevant and realistic while maintaining its sexual heat. “Volume 1” only encompasses the first three episodes of Season 1, but if these episodes are any indication (they are), the entire season is must-watch porn.

The story is told from Ingrid’s point-of-view, allowing the reader to connect with her on a very personal level. She shares her struggles and her inner turmoil openly with the viewer, which makes her journey feel like a lived experience. We can relate to the pressure she feels at work, we can feel the air leave her sails when her love life falls apart, and we can sympathize with her loneliness as she sinks into unwanted solitude. When Andrea and David arrive, they are the spark that ignites an ember that explodes into a forest fire. David is lovable and free — a safe harbor from which Ingrid can disembark on her journey. Meanwhile, Andrea smolders with a sexual intensity that melts every inhibition Ingrid has ever had. It’s a beautiful story.

Speaking of beautiful, the sex here is wonderful. Ingrid takes some time to please herself by the pool as her relationship ends. It’s a kind of personal sendoff as Ingrid closes the door on her old sexual life. Everything about this scene is genuine and erotic. Ingrid really lets the pleasure cascade over her as her fingers deftly diddle her clit. When she picks up her vibrator to take her pleasure to the next level, we see a woman succumbing fully and completely to the satisfaction of masturbation. She’s touching herself exactly as she yearns to be touched, bringing herself to climax exactly the way she craves.

David and Andrea share a passionate night of lovemaking that is as emotional as it is erotic. He strokes he slowly, cradling her face as she trembles beneath him in waves of ecstasy. Her breathy moans punctuate her pleasure, and David knows when to keep going and when to pause so that Andrea can bask in the moment. The cowgirl is spectacularly intimate and subtly aggressive, and Andrea rewards David’s patience by stroking him to a thick, creamy finish all over her stomach.

The threesome is the perfect sexual main course for “Volume 1” of this series. Andrea’s blistering sexuality melts Ingrid from the inside out. Andrea pushes her beyond any boundary she could have imagined, while David keeps her from capsizing in the sexual ocean she finds herself swimming in. There’s a super unique train where Andrea rides David’s dick while Ingrid grinds her pussy hungrily on David’s chest that is unique and feels spontaneous and real.

This is a fantastic series that likely gets exponentially better with every episode. Erika Lust tells a story of sexual awakening that is going to hit the mark with a ton of viewers, and the cast does an impeccable job of telling her story. Erika, Gia, Bunnie and Sylvan all need to make room on their trophy shelves because this movie should bring home some significant hardware at year’s end.

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